Love this place because it has been so instrumental in my daughter’s love for and growth as a dancer. I highly recommend this studio for all ages and levels of dancers.

Lucinda Heckerman Peralta,

Our family came to BC Dance six months ago in the middle of a dance season. The teachers, staff, and dancers welcomed my girls right away with warm and welcoming open arms and went out of their way to immediately include them in dances even though we joined late in the season. Mr. Cory and the other teachers have been a tremendous positive influence on my children in such a short amount of time! The improvements in my girls’ dancing ability is far more than I could have ever expected! But more importantly, Mr. Cory and the staff’s love, inspiration, dedication, and high expectations have ignited a spark in my
two girls that melts my heart… my girls adore dancing more than they ever have before! Having come from another studio, this is truly the best dance studio in town not only for the high quality technique, but also for the immense love that Mr. Cory and the other staff provide. He constantly instills confidence in my girls that any dancer can achieve their highest potential with hard work if given the opportunity! We are so happy and proud to be a part of BC Dance!

Elizabeth K Schmahl,

We are so thrilled to be part of this amazing studio and dance family. We switched from another studio this spring and can’t believe the growth in my daughters dancing in just 4 months already. And to be so welcomed was just what we were looking for.

Tiffany Wright,


Nichole DeKneef Adair,