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Liability Waiver

Emergency Medical Authorization

Registration Form & Parental Consent

BC Dance Tucson
Policies and Procedures

For a full list of policies and procedures or if you have any questions, the BC Dance office is available at 520-770-7827 or email us.

A Make Up Class are Available for Absences

Arrive 5 Minutes
Early to Class

Arrive Dressed & Ready for Class

Parents Use Viewing Windows

Missed Classes
Are Not Refundable

BC Dance Policies and Procedures


Ballet: for any dancers taking ballet or a ballet combo class, you must wear a leotard, tights and ballet shoes, as outlined below. Hair must be worn in a bun, with bangs pinned back out of your face.

  • Hair: Click here for a how to.
  • Leotards: See main office for level appropriate colors
  • Shoes: Block “Dansoft” Leather Full Sole Ballet Slippers can be found here
  • Tights: Body Wrappers Mesh Back Seam Convertible Tights can be found here

Hip Hop: For hip hop, all dancers must have tennis shoes with LIGHT COLORED SOLES. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Tap: tap shoes, and comfortable clothing.

For all other dance classes: we recommend that dancers wear comfortable clothes or dancewear that will allow them to move, but is not too baggy that the instructor cannot see proper body movement. Bare feet are acceptable in class, but dancers may wear jazz shoes, Pirouettes, socks or Foot Undeez if they’d prefer. Students with long hair should have hair pulled up into a clean ponytail.


Parent’s observance of classes is recommended and encouraged. Parents must view through the viewing windows and are not to enter the classroom, unless given permission from an instructor. Due to the small space for viewing in the lobby, please be courteous to other parents and our staff by not allowing young children to run around or remain waiting, to allow staff and parents ease of access.

Classroom Etiquette

Please have your child arrive five minutes prior to class start time dressed in the proper attire, shoes and hairstyle. Proper technical warm-ups are done at the beginning of class and are vital to preventing injuries.

Before/After Class

BC Dance is not a daycare or babysitting service. Dancers are not to arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to class and must be supervised by an adult until class time. When one class ends, another starts; teachers and staff are not responsible for watching students once class has dismissed. Parents of students age 2 to 7 must be at the door 5 minutes before class ends to pick up students. Please instruct your child to wait inside the lobby for their rides and to inform the office manager if their ride is late. We recommend that older students wait in the lobby until a parent/guardian can pick them up. It is up to the parent/guardian whether or not to grant permission to older students to wait outside or got to other establishments in the plaza. We are not responsible for students once they leave our establishment.


Students will be informed once to discontinue behavior that is inappropriate or disturbing to the class. If a student continues to act in an inappropriate manner, they will be asked to leave the room for the remainder of the class, and the parent/guardian will be notified. There are no make-up classes allowed if dismissed for misbehavior.

Dropping/Adding Classes

New Student: If a student would like to try out a class before enrolling, there is an assessment period of 1 week in order to determine placement. This trial period allows a child sufficient time to adjust to the new environment and “audition” to the best of their ability. The cost of this trial period is $25, and will count towards the registration fee.

Enrolled Student: If a student would like to add a class after they are already enrolled, they are welcome to do a free trial class, at which time they must sign up at the front desk. After the free trial, if you’d like to add the class to your schedule you MUST register at the front desk. Any extra tuition associated with the class will be due upon the addition of the class to their schedule, but will be prorated if it is in the middle of the month. Since dance fees are charged on a month-to-month basis you may drop out of a class at any time. If you have paid a month’s fee and drop during the middle of the month you will not receive a refund. You may, however, finish the rest of the month and drop at the end of that particular month. To ensure that you do not get billed after you have dropped a class, please make sure to obtain and deliver a Drop Form at the front desk so that we may remove you from that class list and our billing records prior to the month you wish to drop. REMEMBER, UNTIL A DROP IS COMPLETED, SIGNED AND DATED, WE ARE STILL SAVING YOUR CHILD A SPACE IN THE CLASS AND WILL BILL YOU ACCORDINGLY.

If you are re-enrolling in the same season, after having dropped all classes from the studio, there will be a re-enrollment fee of $15.

Class Cancellation

BC DANCE reserves the right to combine classes, change times, provide substitute teachers or replacement teachers, and cancel or combine any class with 6 or less students. These decisions will be made by the director.

Missed Classes

If a class is missed, the student’s parent/guardian is responsible for arranging a make-up class from the schedule, within a two-week period.


You may make-up missed classes by scheduling attendance in similar class. Missed classes are not refundable. Tuition is still due to hold the spot for your child. There are no refunds if you drop a class(es) in the middle of the month, choose other activities over dance class, or simply skip class. We request that a parent call or email the studio to inform the teacher and staff of any absences, illness, or problem a student might be having.

If your child has a contagious illness, please keep them out of class until they are recovered and can participate fully without risk, relapse, or injury. If it is a minor injury, student is expected to observe class and take notes. In the case of serious injury that would require students to miss a month or more of class, tuition might be waived (this is determined by the BC DE staff on a case-by-case basis).


If student arrives after class has begun, they must wait for music to end before joining class, or be invited in by the instructor. Students arriving 15 minutes or more after class has begun will be asked to observe class, and take notes to the best of their ability.